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Lookae Membership


What is included?

  • New York Stores

Lookae has more than 50 potential connections with boutiques in NYC. The locations are in the heart of NYC: Williamsburg, Soho and East Village and surrounded by luxury retailers such as Chanel, Céline, Moschino, Prada, Dior.  If chosen, your pieces will be displayed on a rack (for clothing), a shelf unit (for accessories), or a jewelry table. Lookae, being selected by the State Department, is located now in NYC. 

2. Website

All Lookae designers are featured on the website, .  Customers can visit each designer's profile to learn more about the brand and their products.


Gain exposure in the NYC fashion scene with our newsletter services. Showcase your collections to 50+ stores, reaching a targeted audience of fashion-forward boutiques. Expand your network, unlock collaboration opportunities, and increase sales potential. Be the designer that stores can't wait to feature. 


4. Social Media

Lookae social Media Team produces entertaining and engaging content for Instagram to promote Lookae brands. This content is also shared with featured brands, who can use it on their own social media channels.

Membership Fee

(if brand is selected)** 

$100 month - Clothing and accessories

3 month contract

Brand receives 75% of the retail price for the items sold


** Due to high demand and applicants, please make sure to submit ALL necessary information in order for our team to thoroughly review your application


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